Sisters Adorers: Holy Thursday in the life and mission of the Adorer Family

Sisters Adorers: Holy Thursday in the life and mission of the Adorer Family

Why is Holy Thursday a moment of great importance for the Adorers, for the entire Adorers’ Family?

The celebration of this first day of the Easter Triduum has its center in the institution of the sacrament of the Eucharist and the priesthood, as well as the commandment of fraternal love that Jesus established at the Last Supper. Jesus signified this fraternal love in the gesture of the washing of the feet, an expression of the love made service to which Christians are called.

In the context of Holy Thursday, our mission as Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, acquires a special relevance. The charism that St. Maria Micaela bequeathed to us is that of Adoration and Liberation. Our Congregation practices the Adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist, recognizing in this sacrament the Body and Blood of Christ, offered for the salvation of Humanity.

Through this personal encounter with Jesus, we discover His presence in the history and daily life of our lives and, with Him, we commit ourselves to the transformation of the world. Precisely from our Eucharistic experience in Adoration, our mission in the Church is born: to accompany and promote the liberation of women in situations of vulnerability, such as prostitution, human trafficking and other forms of violence.

Ultimately, Eucharistic love inspires us to restore the dignity and freedom of women, offering them a path of hope and new opportunities: “In adoration we learn to love our young women and to work and live for them” (Constitutions, 13).

Importance of Holy Thursday for the Adorers and the Adorer Family

The importance of Holy Thursday for all of us lies, therefore, in our twofold mission: on the one hand, to keep alive the flame of Eucharistic Adoration, and on the other hand, to carry out the work of accompanying women who have been marginalized and wounded by society.

On each Solemnity of Holy Thursday, the Congregation of the Adorers and the entire Adorers Family unite ourselves in a special way to the paschal mystery of Christ, renewing our commitment to service and love, thus reflecting Jesus’ command to love and serve others as He has loved us.


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