Spain: Adorers Cordoba awarded for its work in comprehensive care for pregnant women and victims of violence

Spain: Adorers Cordoba awarded for its work in comprehensive care for pregnant women and victims of violence

On April 8, 2024, the Fuente de Vida project of the Adorers in Cordoba, Spain, received the Andalusia + Social 2023 award from the Andalusian Regional Government in recognition of its work in the fight against gender-based violence and its comprehensive care for pregnant women and victims of violence, especially sexual exploitation and gender-based violence.

Sister Herminia Flores Moreno and the Director of the Social Work of the Adorers in Cordoba, Esmeralda Pino, were in charge of collecting the award for their work in “supporting women in situations of social vulnerability such as gender violence, human trafficking or social exclusion due to lack of resources”. They thanked the Junta de Andalucía for this recognition, which “encourages us in our work to achieve full insertion of these women’s rights”, said those responsible for the Adorer intervention in Cordoba.

Fuente de Vida project

Since 1985, Adoratrices Cordoba has been providing shelter, comprehensive care, insertion and contributing to the empowerment of pregnant women and/or women with children, victims of trafficking, prostitution, gender violence and/or situations of social exclusion through the Fuente de Vida (Source of Life) project.

To date, through this programme, Adorers have accompanied 1,296 women and 864 children in their journey towards life projects free from all types of violence.

However, the presence of our Congregation in Cordoba dates back to 20 January 1901, the year in which they have attended to the different needs of women in situations of social exclusion (prostitution, ex-prisoners, abused women, pregnant women and mothers with children).

Andalucía +Social Awards

The Congress Palace of Cádiz hosted the Andalucía +Social 2023 Awards ceremony on Monday, 8 April. These awards, now in their sixth year, recognize the work of more than twenty people and organizations in favor of full inclusion, which, according to the Regional Minister for Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality, Loles López, “highlight the human warmth of Andalusians and the deep-rooted social commitment of our autonomous community”.

In addition to Adorers, other winners in the regional category were the Provincial Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities of Jaén (Aprompsi), the Solidaridad integeneracional organisation; Atende Integrates Services; the social services of the Jerez de la Frontera Town Council (Cádiz); the Apoyo Positivo Association; the Palos de la Frontera Town Council; as well as the president of Nuevo Hogar Betania, Begoña Arana, the ‘Camelamos Naquerar’ programme, the Ayuda en Acción Foundation, Emilio Marín del Moral, a volunteer of the Calor y Café Association, and three foster families for their commendable work.

In addition to this dozen awards, there are eight more provincial awards, one per province. In addition to the other categories, the jury also agreed to award a special mention to the journalist Belén Torres Vela who, for 22 years, has directed the programme ‘Solidarios’ on Canal Sur Television, giving visibility to sectors of the population such as the elderly, people with disabilities and volunteers in general, and also awarded a special mention to the City Council of Cordoba for its firm commitment to universal accessibility.

Information provided by the Province of Europe-Africa of the Adorers.

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