XXXI General Chapter of the Adorers: Reports and Sustainability

XXXI General Chapter of the Adorers: Reports and Sustainability

The work of the XXXI General Chapter of our Congregation, the Adorers, continues with the blocks dedicated to reports and sustainability.

From September 21 to 23, the Capitular Sisters shared the reports of the General Government, the Provinces (Europe-Africa, America, Kolkata and Mumbai) and the delegation from Japan.

The reports are a summary of all that has happened in the Congregation during a period of time, in this case, during the six-year period 2017-2023. They range from statistical information on the sisters to data on what has been undertaken in each of the different areas (Pastoral, Social Work, Shared Mission and Formation) and teams (Communication, Economy, Secretariat) of the Congregation.

During the presentation of each of the reports, emphasis was placed on the significant events experienced during the six-year period and, through the round table technique, the strengths, opportunities, dreams or desires and resources were heard. Subsequently, by means of five working groups, these key points were explored in greater depth, which allowed the challenges to be glimpsed.

Sunday 24th was a free day for the Capitular Sisters and some of them visited the Palace of the Champagnat School (Marists) in Guadalajara. In this building, St. Maria Micaela began her activities with needy young girls in 1830. During the summers, our foundress gave classes of Christian Doctrine and work to 12 young girls in a room on the ground floor (today’s Infant education classrooms) and her rooms were located on the first floor (today’s Secondary classrooms).

The following day, Monday 25 September, the work of the Chapter was resumed with reflection on the study document on Sustainability, directed by Mr. Ignacio Lovelle Mata, legal adviser to the Spanish Conference of Religious (CONFER).

The XXXI General Chapter of the Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity will be held from September 18 to October 13, 2023 in Guadalajara, Spain.


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