1st religious profession of Mimose as Sister Adorer

1st religious profession of Mimose as Sister Adorer

Mimose Dauphin made her 1st profession as a religious Sister Adorer, Handmaid of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, on October 14, 2023. The ceremony took place in the parish of Our Lady of the Tabernacle, Madrid, Spain.

In addition to the Novitiate community in Madrid, Mimose was accompanied by General Chapter Members from the Provinces of America, Europe-Africa, Mumbai, Kolkata and the Delegation of Japan, by some members of her family from France and by Sisters from other communities in Spain.

The Sisters who have received the vows of Mimose are: Pilar Casas, Superior General; Gabriela Valot, General Councilor; and Teresa Valenzuela, outgoing Superior General.

With her “yes”, Mimose becomes a Junior Sister in our Congregation and joins in the mission of Eucharistic Adoration and Liberation, of personal integration, promotion and social reintegration of women in situations of prostitution and other situations of violence.

Below, we share the thanksgiving prepared especially by Sister Mimose for this important moment in her life:

Thanksgiving of Sister Mimose

The Lord is the portion of my inheritance, I have been given a beautiful lot, and I love my inheritance.

Fr. Alberto Geronimo, president of this celebration, dear sister Pilar Casas, Superior General and her councilors. Dear Sister Teresa Valenzuela. Dear provincial sisters of America, Europe-Africa, Mumbai and Kolkata and their councilors, sisters of the Delegation of Japan.

Priests, religious men and women, friends, relatives and neighbors. Good afternoon and thank you very much for coming to celebrate this day of thanksgiving with me.

I want to express my gratitude to God for all the benefits received from Him, for the gift of His call and to all the people who have contributed in any way to my vocation, to all of you THANK YOU.

  • The family is a home where the seed of faith is nourished, cultivated and developed: Thanks to my blood family.

Thanks to my mother, Chariteze Saint-Surin, who has gone to her Father’s House and who also from Heaven with all the Angels is rejoicing with me on this day. To my father, thank you for having taught me the way of faith in the Church, for the good education he has given me, mesi anpil papa Vallières mwen renmenw anpil.

Thank you to my sisters, nephews, nieces, my brother-in-law, for coming to celebrate this day with me, merci d’être venu, je vous aime tous. To my brother Charlemagne, to Gislaine, my godmother and elder sister, merci pour vos gestes d’attention et d’amour que le Seigneur en sa grande bonté vous comble de bonheur et de grace.

  • To my Adorers Family for their welcome since the day I entered the institute.

A special thanks to Sisters Marie Therese François, María Concepción Burgos, Sister M. Luisa Gisbert who have introduced me to this great Adorer family, thank you for your advice and spiritual support, may the Lord continue to shower his blessings on each one of you and grant you health and a long life in this journey with Him.

  • I also express my feelings of gratitude to Fr. Jesús Durán Muñoz, pastor of this church.

Jesús Durán Muñoz, pastor of this church, who has prepared me during these days of retreat and has given us the gift of celebrating this Eucharist here in the parish of Our Lady of the Tabernacle.

  • To Father Alberto Geronimo.

Thank you for your advice that has touched me deeply, now, may the Lord help me to put it into practice day by day in order to better live my religious consecration.

  • Special thanks to my formators.

María Luisa Gisbert, who accompanied me in my process of Mutual Knowledge, to Sister Dora Lis Fonseca during the pre-novitiate stage, to Sister Laura Accaputo who has also accompanied me since my beginnings and has been my novice mistress during these years. From the bottom of my heart thank you for what you have contributed to my personal and faith growth, for the sense of listening, total dedication and availability.

Sisters, I assure you that your seeds have fallen on good soil, they have not been in vain. Thank you and we will pray for each other wherever we are.

  • How can I not thank my formation community.

To sr. Bindu Paul and Sr. Josefa Portillo for their total dedication, their availability, their joy, simplicity, sense of humor that they transmit to us and for so many details of affection. A thousand thanks, Sisters.

  • To my fellow novices.

A few days ago, I read this phrase: “The fullness is found in following in the footsteps of Jesus”, thank you for so many hours of mutual learning that we have shared, lots of encouragement and you are on the best way, go ahead.

  • To my companions of the Theological Institute of Consecrated Life, to Father Emeterio Chaparro for his availability and patience, thank you.
  • To the community of Peñagrande and the community of Malaga that have welcomed me during my time of pastoral experience, for their details and attentions. Thank you very much.
  • To Sister Consuelo who makes possible the transmission of this celebration, for your availability and dedication to service, thank you very much Sister.
  • They say that music puts the soul in harmony with all that exists “to sing is to pray twice” according to St. Augustine. To the choir thank you very much for the hours of sacrifices and rehearsals to help us live so intensely this celebration.
  • To all those who have made it possible for this feast to be a true Thanksgiving.

Thank you all very much, mesi anpil, merci beaucoup.

Now I invite you with the song of thanksgiving to join your voices with me in saying: Benis soit le Nom du Seigneur maintenant et a jamais. Blessed be the name of the Lord now and forever.

You can watch again the 1st religious profession as Adorer of Mimose on this link.


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