End of the Provincial Chapters of the Sisters Adorers,  2024

End of the Provincial Chapters of the Sisters Adorers,  2024

We, the Sisters Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, have celebrated our Provincial Chapters from January 15 to February 9, 2024.

Our Congregation, present in 24 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, is structured in 4 provinces (America, Europe-Africa, Kolkata and Mumbai) and one delegation (Japan), so 5 different meetings have been organized.

The Provincial Chapters serve to work on the conclusions of the General Chapter of the Congregation, adapting them to the particularities of each of the Provinces. The XXXI General Chapter of the Adorers took place from September 18 to October 13, 2023 with the theme “Living communities walking in hope, open to the Spirit, aware of reality and embracing it as it is, caring for life, joyful in the Mission”.

Congregational document of the XXXI General Chapter

The conclusions of the XXXI General Chapter were gathered in the so-called congregational document, drawn up at the end of that event. The document is divided into 4 sections which correspond to 4 commitments/priorities for the life of the Congregation of Adorers:

  1. To be joyful communities living in mission.
  2. Willing to continue the process of reorganization of the apostolic mission in the Congregation.
  3. Growing together and spreading the richness that we have as a charismatic family, open to all people – sisters and laity – in the journey of Shared Mission.
  4. Conscious of the importance of systematic and quality formation in all stages of life, giving priority to the First Stages.

Each of these 4 sections specifies what we feel called to live, what we want to achieve, how we are going to do it and what resources we have.

In the Provincial Chapters, the congregational document has been handed over to the capitular sisters. All of them have prayed and reflected personally on the content of the document, which has also been worked on in groups until arriving at the proposals. These proposals, presented and clarified in the Assembly, are the way of concretizing the priorities of the congregational document to the particular reality of the life of each Province and Delegation of the Adorers.

The Provincial Chapter meets every 3 years to pray, share, evaluate the past, project the future and celebrate the life of the Congregation, discerning together what the Spirit wants for the life of the Provinces and the world today, based on our Charism and Mission of Adoration and Liberation. Likewise, during the chapters, the election of the new provincial governments takes place, forming teams composed of the Provincial Superior (Delegate in Japan) and consultors or delegates who will animate and promote the priorities established during each of the chapters.


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