The Province of Europe-Africa elects its new Government

The Province of Europe-Africa elects its new Government

The Europe-Africa Province of the Adorers has a new Government. It was elected today, February 9, 2024, during the Provincial Chapter.

The new Government team for the next three-year term (2024- 2026) is formed by the following sisters:

  • Provincial Superior: Hna. Antonia López
  • 1st Consultant:
  •  2nd Consultant:
  • 3rd Consultant:
  • 4th Consultant:

Sister Antonia López, a native of Noguera, Guadalajara (Spain), was born on 21 September 1962. She entered the Congregation in 1980 and professed her perpetual vows in 1989. She studied psychology in Rome. She has been assigned to Valencia and to various houses in Madrid. In addition to Government service on several occasions, she has been involved in projects accompanying women with drug addictions. For the last three years she has been the Provincial Superior of Europe-Africa.

We thank God for the dedication and service to the Europe – Africa Province and the Congregation of all the sisters who were part of the previous Provincial Government.

The Provincial Chapter Europe-Africa, held from 6th to 9th February 2024 in Guadalajara, Spain, was attended by 76 sisters. The Europe-Africa Province is made up of 303 sisters who reside in 7 countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Morocco, Cape Verde and Togo). In addition, the Province  possesses an Adorer presence in France: the Foyer Micaela project in Paris.

After the XXXI General Chapter, the Adorers celebrate the Provincial Chapters from January 15 to February 9, 2024. Our Congregation is structured in 4 provinces (America, Europe-Africa, Kolkata and Mumbai) and a delegation (Japan) Therefore, 5 different meetings have been organized.


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