Maria Reina renews her “Yes” as a Sister  Adorer

Maria Reina renews her “Yes” as a Sister  Adorer

On 18 October 2023, Maria Reina Zanou made her 5th profession as a Sister Adorer, Handmaid of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity.

The renewal of vows was celebrated in the community of Cikanssé, Togo, where she resides and lives her vocation. People close to the house and women who are accompanied by the Sisters Adorers’ Social Work in this city were witnesses to the renewal of Mary Queen’s “Yes”.

On the path of following Jesus, Maria Reina is in the stage of juniorate, a period prior to a definitive commitment (perpetual vows), so that now she continues in formation, deepening her being as an Adorer from the Spirituality of the Congregation.

On this important day, the sister wishes to share a few words of thanks.

Words of thanks from Mª Reina

Just one word, THANK YOU.

Thanks to each one of you, sisters, from near and far, for your many expressions of sympathy towards my humble person on such an important day of my life, of my being as a Sister Adorer.

To realise that this is already my fifth profession speaks to me of history, of the journey I am making step by step with the Lord, and that you spare no effort dear family, to accompany me with your prayers and advice. I am assured that the Lord is listening to me, day after day, the deep desire to remain docile and faithful to God’s call increases, like each one of you, like St. Maria Micaela and like our dear mother the Virgin Mary, the woman of the “YES”.

May the Lord, in his great goodness, fill you with every good and assist you in all your tasks, because, although the realisation of our apostolic work has never been easy, we must recognise that the new challenges of the millennium demand more of us in order to respond favourably to the mission.

Sister Adorer, wherever you are, the girls need you; the world needs you!

May we reach the sunset of our life with a heart full of gratitude and like Maria Micaela be able to cry out: “I have only lived for God and for these girls”.

A big hug to each and every one of you with all my affection.

Maria-Reina Zanou, aasc.

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