Marcela Grandón’s first Religious Profession

Marcela Grandón’s first Religious Profession

Marcela Francesca Grandón Gaete made her first profession as a religious of the Adorers, Slaves of the Blessed Sacrament and Charity on March 4, 2023. The ceremony was held in the chapel of the Adorers in Talagante, Chile.

Sr. Teresa Valenzuela, Superior General, Sr. Gabriela Valot, Superior Provincial of America, sisters from  Adorers family and Marcela’s family also participated in this day of celebration.

Below, we share these words especially prepared by Sister Marcela for this important moment in her life:

The time of novitiate has been for me a time of encounter with the One who has called me, a time of configuration with Christ, of growing every day in his love of active and passive listening in the encounter with his Word and His person and growing in silence. It is a time of being in the hospital where the doctor (Jesus) is healing and curing each of my wounds, helping me to integrate them so that I do not disintegrate. It has been a time of richness, of living interculturality, plurality, spirituality and living with sisters of my own age; growing in fraternity and sense of belonging in the Adorers family. Deepening our lifestyle, sharing life with our women and friends in our parish and helping in Caritas.

The preparation that I had in the novitiate was to make a grateful memory seeing the passage of God in my life, recapitulating all things, becoming aware of my true dignity of being a beloved daughter of God.

For me to take this step in my Adorers family is to renew my Baptism, it is to be totally of the One who has called me. It is an act of true slavery out of love for the One who has loved me and loves me madly, it is to give myself without measure and to the ultimate consequences.

I have chosen as the motto of my consecration “Behold the heart of your handmaid who burns with love to love you” (St. Mary Michaela) because it sums up everything that has been my life and process. In spite of the difficulties and obstacles, I continue to respond to the Covenant of Love that the Lord has made with me.

I can only give my whole life to the service of the Kingdom because I have received much and I must give twice as much where and how the Lord wants, with availability and docile openness to His voice… I ask you to pray for me so that I may be faithful to Him till the end.


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