World Fair Trade Day 2023: An economy model that respects people and the planet

World Fair Trade Day 2023: An economy model that respects people and the planet

May 13, 2023: World Fair Trade Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of May. It is a day designed to raise public awareness about the economic inequalities suffered by small producers and traders, who seek a fair price for their products.

Behind products of frequent consumption such as coffee, sugar and clothing, which enrich large companies, poverty, abusive working conditions, prices well below costs, wages that do not reach the legal minimum, child labor, exploitation or environmental degradation are hidden in many cases.

Fair Trade has been fighting against this poverty, exploitation and inequality for decades and demonstrates that a dignified life for producers and traders is possible.

The Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, work by offering alternatives and real opportunities to women in vulnerable situations, who live different situations of exclusion. We approach women affected by various forms of exploitation, especially prostitution, and accompany them in the process of growth and liberation, which includes labor and social integration.

Given the nature of our mission, we strive to denounce the structures of injustice in our contemporary world, the violation of Human Rights, especially those affecting women and girls. For this reason, we join the work of awareness and demand on this International Fair Trade Day.

Through the celebration of this day, we support the promotion of Fair Trade as an alternative marketing model, oriented towards a fair and sustainable economy. A model that guarantees Human Rights, labor rights and care for the planet, that offers decent working conditions, fair wages and prices that takes care of the environment, and that of course, rejects child labor, slavery and exploitation of women.


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