Sister Pilar Casas, new Superior General of the Adorers

Sister Pilar Casas, new Superior General of the Adorers

Sister Pilar Casas has been elected as the new Superior General of the Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and Charity, by the XXXI General Chapter on October 9, 2023.

Pilar Casas is from Spain and her last years of service have been in the Delegation of Japan, specifically in Cambodia. Sister Pilar will occupy this position during the next six-year term (2023-2029).

We thank God for the 12 years of service to the Congregation of Sr. Teresa Valenzuela, outgoing Superior, for her availability and trust in God.

Tomorrow, October 10, 2023, we will proceed to the election of the Consultors  who will form part of the General Government Team of the Congregation together with the Superior General.

Election of the new Superior General

Monday morning, the Capitular sisters received an enlightening talk by Fr. Gonzalo Fernández, Claretian, to prepare the elections of the Superior General of the Congregation and her General Team.

After the Eucharist, moments of prayer and discernment, in the afternoon, the voting took place, a time of communion and invocation to the Holy Spirit.

Finally, the name of the new Superior was announced. Then, the Sisters of the communities of the College and of the residence of Guadalajara have come with joy to greet Sister Pilar affectionately and to celebrate this great event.

Our Congregation, the Adorers is holding the XXXI General Chapter from September 18 to October 13, 2023 in Guadalajara, Spain.


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