On the Road to the XXXI General Chapter: Local Conversations

On the Road to the XXXI General Chapter: Local Conversations

On the Road to the XXXI General Chapter of the Sisters Adorers, Local Conversations

In Circular No. 5 of October 1 2022, Sister Teresa Valenzuela, Superior General, announced the XXXI General Chapter of the Congregation of the Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, with the theme: “Living communities that walk in Hope, open to the Spirit, aware of reality and embrace it as it is, caretakers of life, joyful in the Mission”.

With this announcement, the Congregation set out and we began this time of grace welcoming the proposed methodology of “Appreciative Conversations” at different levels: local, zonal and provincial, and for this purpose a commission was appointed to energize these meetings.

In order to prepare ourselves to begin this process, the “Celebration of Life” was held in the communities, a space of re-encounter with ourselves and with our charismatic identity. In this synodal dynamic in which we narrate to each other what has happened, we gratefully acknowledged what the Holy Spirit has done in our lives, as he did with the disciples of Emmaus.

Local Conversations of the XXXI General Chapter

A further step in this journey has been the “Local Conversations” meetings.   We invite people close to the community to these meetings to hear how they see us and how our presence is significant in their lives and in their environment.

Undoubtedly, this chapter experience in synodal key is being a privileged time for meeting, listening, reflecting and praying together, sisters, laity, women of our apostolic works, professionals. It is a space we are enjoying as we recall times of grace in our Congregation, achievements, suggestions and dreams for the future.

What can we say here? We can only say THANK YOU. Thank you because sharing and communicating experiences, achievements, suggestions… encourages us to continue walking in hope.

The “Local Conversations” have put in us a look of realism with seeds of hope that invites us to live the present with passion, and to recognize that it is the Spirit that accompanies and transforms us.

The Sisters Adorers can find the materials resulting from these meetings in the private area and on the Congregation’s Youtube channel.


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